To Eat or not to Eat that is the question….

Written by Sean

Topics: organic food

Food, you hear about it all the time. There are cable TV channels dedicated to it and there are tons of books about it. But let’s get back to reality…Most people do not want to think about it. When at the biggest temples of food-The Supermarket, McDonalds, TGI Fridays or any of the other numerous places you can get food we tend to only want to pick up what looks good, or we have seen advertised that looks good, and bring it home to eat.

One of the goals that I have set on my awesome life’s list is to eat ORGANIC for one year (and hopefully keep that as a life change). While this may not be as cool as bungee jumping or skydiving, the goal of my list was not only to do awesome things that are daring, but to also try and push myself into doing things daily to improve my life. Eating super healthy food, to me, is a great way to insure that the fuel you are putting into your body is the best it can be. This will help insure that my mind and body can be performing at their best.

Back to the food that is in our world. Now, picture yourself walking into a grocery store, there is the produce section. The food looks good. It is shiny and has great color. You pick out what you want and bring it home to make a great and healthy salad. But, wait, do you really know anything about the produce? What chemicals have been used in its production? What types of genetic altering has been done to the produce? Has it been waxed to look shiny?

I challenge you to THINK about your food. Does the yellow dye #5 giving your Mountain Dew is lovely green color, really add any value to your health? What are the long term effects of all this? Or more importantly are all the health issues we see in our world in direct relation to our diets?

So think, research, and slow down a bit when it comes to your food.

So how about you? Do you care what you eat or how it is processed?


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