Fear-Of Failure

Fear-Of ‘not fitting in’

Fear-Of Uncertainty

Fear-Of ‘What if……Happens’

Fear-Of Risks

Are you afraid? It is time to stop.

Life is about Living.

Since our childhood, we have been programmed to “Fit in”. Many of our past experiences, influences, educations, and media exposures have lead us to try and be NORMAL.



We are caught in a spiral downwards of loss of freedom  (a whole 2 weeks of vacation a year or, if you are lucky, a whole 2 day weekend to cram your life into) because we are supposed to get a job and be a sheepish “productive member”  of society!

Reclaim your LIFE!

Reclaim your Passion!

It is time for a revolution of the mind. Creativity needs to be unleashed.

Creativity of the MIND!

Creativity from the HEART!

Creativity of the SOUL!

This is not an easy journey. We are stuck with how we have been programmed by our past. Let’s look at the past, at these expectations.

Time to Re-Program ourselves. Time to focus on the FUTURE and the FREEDOMS we can have.

It is time to find your inner MONSTER. Put on your MONSTER HAT and let out a RAAAAAAAAAAAA!

We can be free, to live our lives with heart, soul and compassion.

Are you ready? Join in the discussion and fun at Where is my Monster Hat……

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