Monster Life Adventure List

Monster Life Adventure List

Monster List of Monster-ly awesome things to accomplish:

Cycling Goals:

1)      Cycle Across Country

2)      Spend month of July watching the Tour De France in France

3)      Ride 10,000 miles in one cycling season

4)      Ride 15,000 miles in one cycling season

Travel Goals:

5)      Go on a African Safari

6)      Go Hiking in Tibet

7)      Visit all the US National Parks

8)      Travel for 3 months straight

9)      Travel for 6 months straight

10)   Travel for 9 months straight

11)   Travel for 12 months straight

12)   Visit each continent

13)   Go wine tasting in Napa Valley

14)   Get on Survivor

15)   Go snorkeling on a coral reef

Lifestyle Goals:

16)   Become debt free

17)   Live debt free

18)   Start a successful internet business (goal: sole income for family from that endeavor)

19)   Have ability for location independent lifestyle

20)   Eat organic for 1 year (goal: make that a total lifestyle)

21)   Start a successful charity

22)   Grow enough vegetables to supply family for 6 months

23)   Learn a foreign language

Writing Goals:

24)   Write a non-fiction book

25)   Write a fiction book

26)   Design a “photo” book

27)   Publish a blog

Adventure goals:

28)   Work on an Archaeology dig

29)   Drive a Race car

30)   Fly an airplane in a dogfight

31)   Learn how to ballroom dance

32)   Go Bungee jumping

33)   Go skydiving

34)    Go Skiing (downhill and cross country)

This is a work in progress, and I am looking forward to adding more things to this as time goes by. There is so much in the world to see and do, and I am looking forward to seeing all the Awesome things I can get to. 

Thoughts on the list? I am always looking for more adventures to add…..What Monster Adventures are on YOUR List?


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