Friday Fitness Update

Written by Sean

Topics: cycling and fitness

One of my long term goals is getting back my cycling fitness, but also adding in core exercises to increase overall body strength. I have always had a passion for cycling. As I have stated in the past, I have done about 120,000 miles so far of bike riding. I did amateur racing for 10+ years, with my best year having 8,500 miles done. Some other notable cycling achievements:  55+mph hit on bike, longest ride to date 125 miles, best 3 day total 250 miles, 28.5 mph avg. in a race that was 31 miles long (awesome does not even describe that), and the list could go on.

Of late, my cycling fitness has been suspect. I am working on my goals for this year, I am probably looking for a couple of great century (100 mile rides) to do. The local group rides out of the bike shop will also be high on the list to do as well.

This week’s accomplishments:

 Indoor Trainer: 4 days at 45 minutes, 1 day 1 hour

3 days starting upper body work outs (push-ups)

Dancing when my 2 year old daughter requests it!

Goals for next week:

Saturday –Ride outdoors for 1-2 hours.

Sunday– Indoor ride (due to plans all day)-1 hour, also do push-ups and start AB workouts.

Monday-Friday– find 3 days to ride outdoors (indoors in bad weather) for 45 minutes- 1 hour. Also do push-up and AB work outs.

There are a bunch of goals on my awesome list that have to do with Cycling, this year I am working on my base fitness, so I can get to the point where I can achieve some of my big Monster cycling goals.

So how about you? What are your goals for the next week to help you achieve any of the awesome things you want to accomplish? Do you know of any great ab workouts that can be done at home?

Have a Great Weekend.


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